About pam hine


Pam's academic and working life has focused on researching facts, finding answers, and calculating the best possible outcome.

It started when she read Pure and Applied Mathematics at Bangor University. While studying, Pam had access to computers for the first time. Math students were only allowed overnight access to the university computer. If the program failed, students had to wait until the following night to re-run it. We’ve come a long way since then!

After graduating, computers became an integral art of Pam's career. She went on to analyse, and subsequently design databases for, road traffic accidents. This led on to a job as a fully trained and qualified Road Accident Investigations Officer.

Later on, Pam returned to university as a mature student, this time reading Architecture at Plymouth University. Part of the course was to come to understand how sunlight and skylight affect our lives through the design of buildings, and the space between them.


Putting all of Pam's study and work history together, it was no surprise that when she learned about a Total Solar Eclipse happening in the UK, she was enthralled.

Pam first learnt about the phenomenon of a Total Solar Eclipse in 1990. By 1997/8, she started investigating the forthcoming 1999 eclipse, and wanted to decipher key facts for the eclipse in a clear and concise way. With that in mind, Pam wrote her first eclipse book: 'Total Eclipse of the Sun in Cornwall and South Devon.

Pam is now on her latest writing adventure with 'Total Eclipse of the Sun: Coast to Coast USA', which was released in early March 2017. As with her first book, Pam aims to encourage people to travel to the Path of Totality in the USA on August 21st 2017 and to experience this incredible event in the best and safest way.